elena pix 20181119 1275009717elenapavlou photoTwo in a gondola are being designed by Elena Pavlou.


Born in Cyprus, a place steeped in multicultural influences since ancient history, she acquires a broad understanding of the world, something that gives her a unique perspective on things. She graduated from Accademia Internazionale d’ alta Moda e d’arte del costume – Koefia in Rome, in haute couture.

After representing Cyprus at the Biennale for young artists, she designed costumes for cinema and theatre. This brief interaction with the show business world also influences her designs.

As a result of different experiences and a lot of enthusiasm, she decides to carry out her personal lines -ELENA PAVLOU- her main collection, and her diffusion line - two in a gondola-.

For her main line-ELENA PAVLOU- the designer challenges things by mixing haute couture elements in prêt-à-porter. Her unorthodox techniques are a visible trait of her work. She creates urban wear for the dynamic woman who wants to differ from the stereotypes.

She calls her diffusion line two in a gondola, a name that describes her double-sided character and that of her work. The designs are easygoing with a design twist and multifunctional character. The value-for-money policy of the brand makes the collections accessible to everyone.

In a very short time, her work gains a great commercial success all over Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Germany and Italy . Her brands' followers love them for there unique design sense. The designer promises that her collections are always going to be humorous, unique in details and bizarre patterns, as well as of the best quality and craftsmanship.